Featured in Sept GT Mag

By October 3, 2016Media

Hayden Constructions was again featured within the latest GT Magazine from the Geelong Advertiser for the month of September 2016.

Featuring Tom and Khan Nelson’s new house located in The Sands the house boasts a stunning view, native fauna and a home designed for fuss-free living. All this made perfect sense for a couple looking to retire in style.

Our client wanted something that would be easy to look after as they suggested,”we wanted something that was easy with the understanding we are not exactly 30 anymore. Our lifestyle has changed and we really tried to work with that concept.”

The L-shaped floorplan centres on the northwest orientation with 180 degree views over the surrounding golf course and wetlands. The space boasts views that are uninterrupted, aside from the occasional passing golfer. “Everything is focused towards the view as much as possible,” Kahn says. “That what got us initially so we really wanted to make the most of it.”

The home’s single story design was also a key consideration, as was the lack of skirting boards and architraves – features that were designed to support the couple throughout their retirement days.

“It’s easy to keep clean, it’s easy to take care of,” Tom says. “The simplicity of it was quite important.”

To view photos of this naturally beautiful home, please click on St George House.